99 Days (or fewer) until DTV

Today we’re 99 days from the deadline the government has given all local TV stations to abandon our analog signal and beginbroadcasting on the digital spectrum. It’s a big deal for alot of people out there in TV Land, but not everybody.

First of all, we TV stations aren’t doing this as a gimmick, or a way to get ratings. The Feds are making every TV station in the country, do this. From tiny KAUZ in Wichita Falls, Texas, and KATC in Lafayette, LA, to WBRC in Birmingham, AL and KFOR in Oklahoma City, to huge WCVB in Boston, MA and good ol’ Live5 in Charleston, SC….all stations have been ordered to change the way we broadcast pictures and sound over the air. The Feds are taking back the analog airwaves and moving broadcasters to the new digital spectrum.

If you watch TV on cable or satellite, like most of us do, the DTV conversion will have little or no effect on your viewing because you’re watching the signal directly from your cable or satellite provider, not the TV station itself.

If you dont have cable or satellite, and only get a few network and independent channels off an antenna, DTV will change the way you watch TV. Most viewers in this scenario live in rural areas or in the center part of our viewing area in downtown Charleston and North Charleston.

You wont see anything after February unless you buy a digital TV antenna and in some cases a digital TV converter box.  To find out more about what you need to do, if anything, click on this link for answers about DTV.

Here at Live5, we’re going to be running tests on our DTV signal over the next couple of weeks and months so viewers, and cable and satellite providers, can see for themselves what everyone in the TV business is talking about. We’ll publicize it first, but we’ll be turning off our analog signal for a few seconds during our newscasts, and only broadcasting in DTV. When we do, it will only be for a few seconds, and our anchors will tell you what you should be seeing on the screen. They’ll also tell you what you need to do if you lose your picture during during our DTV test.

If all goes well, we’ll be turning off our analog transmission right after the Super Bowl at the first of February, a couple of weeks before the national deadline. We’ve always been the Lowcountry’s News Leader, earlier this fall with High Definition, and now we’ll lead the way into the new frontier of DTV.

Keep watching Live5 News!

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