Crunch Time

In newsroom lingo, crunch time is defined as the hour or two before deadline, when everyone is racing to complete their stories and prepare our newscasts. Today’s crunch was a doozy.

After 3pm:

-we broke the news of the court ruling in favor of James Island’s lawsuit to break away from the City of Charleston and form its own town.

-a woman confessed to Live5’s Anthony Miller that she killed her husband. Needless to say, that totally changed Anthony’s story, and we had to get our legal team on the story.

-the owner of a shipwrecked boat on Kiawah made some pretty strong allegations about the boat’s captain to our Ian Silver. Had to get the lawyers on that one, too.

-Half of our team of legal experts were late to answer phone calls from our viewers during the 5pm newscast.

-a group of 20+ Citadel students showed up to tour the TV station and watch the 6pm newscast.

-as I write this, our team is following more breaking news: reports of a shooting in Summerville.

What started as a relatively calm day turned chaotic in minutes.

That’s why we love the news business!

Keep watching Live5 News, you never know what’s going to happen next!

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