It’s Tough to Cover Clemson from Charleston

4.5 hours away, its tough for us to cover the Clemson Tigers.

Not only does it take man/womanpower, but gasoline, satellite time, and other travel expenses. For a big game like last weekend, its important for us to be there.  But in tough economic times, we have a budget to maintain, just like every business and every family. 

Our Live5 News crew, sports director Andy Pruitt, satellite truck guru Matt Gladwell, and photojournalist Scott Garrand got home in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Now it’s Monday, and we need to go back up state again to cover the expected announcement of Coach Dabo Swinney being named the Tigers’ head coach.

So how do we maintain the coverage our viewers expect? and stay on budget? We rely on the power of the Raycom News Network!

You’ve heard us talk about the RNN in our newscasts. Raycom Media, WCSC’s parent company, also owns TV stations in Columbia and Myrtle Beach, WIS and WMBF respectively.  Both are NBC affiliates. In Charleston, we are a CBS affiliate.

In years past, we relied our network affiliated stations to share news coverage resources. We still do in many parts of the nation and world. Much of our coverage from Washington, New York, and around the world comes from CBS and its affiliates.

But here in the Carolinas, its more important for us to share resources with our Raycom sister stations, not just in the markets I’ve mentioned, but also in Wilmington, Charlotte, and Savannah, GA. What’s good for their coverage, is often times good for our coverage.

Sharing resources with our sister stations comes in handy, especially on a day like today when we have to go back to Clemson less than 48 hours after coming home from there. It helps us work more efficiently and do more with our news gathering resources.

Our Kevin Bilodeaux is rendez-vousing (excuse my French) with another sports reproter from WIS in Clemson this afternoon. WIS is sending their satellite truck to the Swinney news conference at Death Valley so we in Charleston, and our station in Myrtle Beach don’t have to send our own satellite trucks.  Everybody on the ground in Clemson will help each other shooting video and interviews, editing, and doing live shots for each of the South Carolina stations. Back in the newsroom, our producers are talking to producers at WIS and WMBF to coordinate what time our respective stations will get to have a live shot from Clemson.  Columbia is providing the satellite truck, the biggest part of the equation, so they get first dibs on the satellite, then us, then Myrtle Beach.

Before the Raycom News Network, we would have sent our own satellite truck to Clemson, along with Kevin, and our own photographer. Our sister stations in Columbia and Myrtle Beach would have had to do the same if they wanted to same level of coverage we are producing today as a team.

Team Raycom will have more people covering the Swinney announcement today than the individual stations from other markets in the state who don’t have the powerful partnership we Raycom stations do.

We employ this same strategy with most big stories (and hurricanes!) that affect our region.

Now you know!

Keep watching Live5 News!

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