Breaking the Big Stories

Nothing makes a news director more proud than when his or her team rallies together to break a big story.

All day today we’ve been breaking new developments in the soap opera of former State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel’s release from federal prison after serving about six months on drug charges.

You break big stories with the help of strong sources and strong reporters, and not just the faces you see on TV.

A few weeks ago we received a tip that Ravenel was due to be released from the Big House in time for the holidays. Our source told us December 4.  Last night, Alex Caban, one of our producers began the digging that lead to us breaking the story today on and Live5 News at Noon. Early this morning Assistant News Director Darryl Huger began investigating and learned that Ravenel had been released from a Georgia Pen to a half way house in Atlanta.  Weekend Anchor Anthony Miller picked up the story mid-morning Wednesday and began contacting his sources in Charleston and elsewhere. By mid-afternoon, Darryl received a tip from one of his sources that Ravenel was in fact in North Charleston, at a half way house here in his hometown.

By 5pm, reporter Hatzel Vela and photojournalist Chris O’Rourke were staking out the address in North Charleston waiting for Ravenel’s return. Vela approached a resident of the home who confirmed the former State Treasurer had moved into the half way house and was living there.  Hatzel reported back to the newsroom in time for Anthony Miller to break the news of Ravenel’s return to Charleston during our 6pm newscast.

Reporter’s instincts, strong sources, and teamwork. That’s the secret to breaking big stories.

Keep watching, Live5 News!

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