Sleigh Full of Ratings

Santa Claus is a Live 5 Fan!

He’s brought us a sleigh full of ratings, just in time for Christmas! Thank you Santa!

Once again, we have the most watched newscasts in every time period. At 11:00 weeknights, we have more viewers than both of our competitors combined.  More viewers means more than bragging rights. It means our sales department has a more valuable product (our newscasts and entertainment programs) to sell to advertisers.

Our Live 5 elves worked extra hard in November to put on the best newscasts in the Charleston market, hands down.  Our reporters, photographers and editors came up with inventive unique stories to tell that brought more viewers to TV sets in November than any other TV station in the Lowcountry.  Our Engineers made sure our broadcasts were colorful and crystal clear in high definition. Our producing team was short handed all fall, but rallied to work extra days without losing enthusiasm or passion for the creative process. 

November brought lots of breaking news and bad weather to our area: two important coverage areas Live 5 News dominates.  When we have big news and big weather, we win big.

We won big on the historic election night, November 4, too.  According to the numbers, twice as many people watched our election night coverage as WCBD, and three times as many as WCIV’s audience that night. When Barack Obama accepted the nomination, we carried his speech live on Live 5 News from Chicago. We didn’t hand the broadcast over to our network.

We know it, our viewers know it, and its great to have the validation in black and white. Our competitors see the ratings in red (the loss column) and green (with envy!)

Our 7:00pm newscast underwent a behind the scenes overhaul this fall. It paid off in a strong performance, attracting many more viewer’s than WCIV’s solid newscast at 7:00.  Now, if we could just buy a vowel or two from Pat and Vanna, we could turn the tables on ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ which is the most watched program in the time period. Watch out ‘Wheel!’

In November, Ann McGill and Bill Burr, old friends but a new team in the morning, brought our morning newscast to new highs after a rocky summer.

Debi Chard and Bill Sharpe, Charleston’s top news team for generations, took over our 5pm newscast last month, and their partnership solidifies our powerhouse 2 hour block of news each afternoon.

For every face you see on TV, there are many more behind the scenes in every department at WCSC dedicated to putting on the best TV in the Lowcountry, every day. Even on holidays!  I thank them for all they do to keep us on top!

We thank you for making Live 5 News the Lowcountry’s News Leader for another year!

Keep watching Live 5 News!

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