The News Knows No Holiday

Its almost noon on Christmas Eve, and we’ve already had a bank robbery in North  Charleston.

The news knows no holiday. That’s why we are here, every morning, noon, and night: to make sure the people who count on us have the information they need, even on Christmas, New Year’s, and the 4th of July!

We have all of our newscasts today, no pre-emptions for sports or network specials. But only about a third of us are working today. All of our news managers, and many producers, anchors and reporters are off celebrating the holiday.

So they can be off, those left behind are doing double and triple duty to make sure all of our newscasts get on TV. That’s why you’ll see Debi Chard anchoring almost every newscast this afternoon and evening. Weekend anchor Anthony Miller will be filling in tonight on Live 5 and Fox24 News at 10:00 tonight, and through the holiday weekend.

This morning, reporter Niocle Johnson brought in a loaf of Amish Friendship bread to share with everyone. We gobbled it up at our morning editorial meeting.

Bill Walsh and Chad Watson swapped shifts today. Bill was back on the air at 5am, after doing the weather last night at 11pm.  Chad will do the weather again, bright and early Christmas morning, and weather elf Brad Miller will jingle the weather bell for the next four days so Bill can have his time off.

In our newscenter, all of our producers are pulling extra duty so their colleagues can have sometime off, as are photographers and editors.

Sports guy Bob Behanian will be reporting the news tonight, and anchoring it tomorrow.  News gal Tracey Amick will be anchoring some newscasts over the extended holiday weekend, and crime dog Harve Jacobs will be filling in under the bright lights, too.

Like all businesses who have to operate during the holidays, we try to schedule everyone’s time off equally and fairly. Some people get more time off at Thanksgiving, others get their time at Christmas and New Year’s.

No one likes it, but its part of what we do when we sign on for a career in the news business. I’m lucky to work around a group of talented professionals who carry the torch loud and proud for Live 5 News, every day….holiday or not!

Keep watching Live 5 News!

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