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Spoke Too Soon….

January 29, 2009

The spot news gods answered our prayers from yesterday. What a difference a day makes!

This afternoon our newsroom is rockin’ with a deadly plane crash at a private air field in Monck’s Corner,  another earthquake in Summerville (no one hurt), and news of a high profile former colleague out of work this afternoon.

We can’t make this stuff up!

Stay tuned to Live 5 News.


Slow News Days Suck

January 28, 2009

We’ve been spoiled by a feast of great news stories over the last couple of weeks, but today the news buffet isn’t very appetizing.

Obama has been inaugurated…everyone is back from DC…Charleston has decided which schools to close and the school board has agreed…serial bank robber suspect Jeffery Frye has been caught…we’re in to a dull gloomy winter weather pattern…

We need some news!

Today our Nicole Johnson is looking further into the implications of the school redesign plan. Tracey Amick is learning about a new program to provide pre-natal and new baby care and advice to young mothers.  Bob Behanian will report on new business initiatives in Charleston and Harve Jacobs is on the trail of the lowcountry’s most wanted bad guys.

All good stories. But for news folks who thrive on the chase of a good story, lacking that adrenaline rush.

The scanners are turned up loud. We’re waiting for something to happen!

Stay tuned to Live 5 News!