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To Switch or Not To Switch

February 5, 2009

Congress says it will extend the deadline for broadcasters to turn off their analog signals and switch to digital broadcasting to June instead of on February 17th.

At this point, we’re still planning to make the Big Switch on February 17th. Graciously, the government has give us that option. We believe, through our own research, that the majority of our viewers are ready for the digital transition.

Potentially, the big switch will only affect a sliver of our audience: those who do not subscribe to cable or satellite service, and those who do not have a converter/DTV antenna for their analog sets with old fashioned rabbit ears antennas.

That said, all systems are on track for WCSC to make the Big Switch as orignally planned on February 17th. If you need a converter, get it now. Install it this weekend.

Keep watching our newscasts¬†for further updates. This is a very fluid situation, in Congress and here in Charleston. We’ll let you know if anything else changes, which is a very real possibility!

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