Hidden on the second floor…

I’ve been at Live 5 for a year this month, but I’ve never ventured up to the second floor, the fluorescent lit cavern above our prop room and loading dock.

Last week I did.

Hidden on the second floor, I found a mini museum of WCSC history.

I found parts of news sets, tote boards from our annual Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethons, artificial Christmas decorations, boxes upon boxes of records we’re required to keep by the accountants and the FCC. It’s a well organized and maintained storage room. Neater than anybody’s attic.

On the back wall, lined on shelves marked with stickers marking the years I found the history of Live 5 on video, in pictures, on film. Fascinating stuff like broadcasts of the Cooper River Bridge Run, the opening of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, Hurricane Hugo coverage, Hugo anniversary specials, MDA telethons, Sofa Super Store coverage and anniversary specials, election night broadcasts, special reports, documentaries. It’s our own in-house Netflix.

I’ve spent my lunch breaks this week watching some the history I found on the shelves on the second floor. Hats of to WCSC’s Jim DeMauro for preserving and recording our history.

I’ve been thinking all week how to share my discovery with Live 5 fans, like on ESPN Classic or something like that. We may re-broadcast some of “the best of Live 5” on our digital channel debuting later this year. Or we may post excerpts on our web channel so TV buffs like myself can flashback in time.

Keep watching Live 5 News. The projects we’re working on today will end up on the shelves on the second floor one of these days!

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