Digital’s Here

The switch is over.  I hope it went smoothly for you and that you haven’t missed a beat.

At 6am, Bill Burr and Bill Walsh flipped the switch at our 2,000 ft transmitter in Awendaw. A group of us gathered in our master control room in our West Ashley studio to watch the analog screen go to black, and then snow.  We cheered for a moment and then waited for the phone to ring.

It did, a little bit.

But we were surprised most of the calls were from loyal Live5 fans telling us they could see us loud and clear. We were prepared for an onslaught of calls from frustrated, angry, unprepared analog TV watchers. Our engineering team and our marketing director Amanda Curry prepared thorough notes for us to consult if we received concerned calls.

Our happy receptionist Heather Yates manned the phones before sun up, waiting for the fussy calls that never came. Whew!

Now its almost time for “Young and Restless. Who is Mary Jane, really? What’s Phillip Chancellor doing alive? I digress. With the soaps, comes the potential for a new wave of phone calls from viewers who might not be ready for the Big Switch.

Or are they?

Keep watching Live5 News!

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