Coming Soon: My 5

Monday we’re launching a new feature for user generated content on our web channel. It replaces “See It… Snap It..Send It” with a major upgrade.  We’re calling it “My 5”.

You’ll be seeing a lot of promotions for “My 5,” and we’ll be featuring it heavily in newscasts.

“My 5” is much easier to use than “See It.. Send It”.  It’s also easier to say!

Users / viewers can upload still pictures but more importantly, video, right to the page. It’s very fast.

A great feature for us behind the scenes in the Live 5 news center is that we now have a team of people somewhere in cyberspace to review and approve each picture/video before its posted. This will prevent inappropriate material from being posted on “My 5.”  These folks work 365/24/7 looking at submitted content. The turnaround time is a few minutes, and will save producers, directors a lot of time.

“My 5” will be broken down into categories.

We’ll have a breaking news and weather section for people to send us pictures of fires, crime scenes, storm damage, water spouts etc.

This will also be the site for Nicole Johnson’s pictures of wrecks and Tracey Amick’s pics from fundraisers.  Web meister Sam Tyson will show all of us how to directly transfer these kind of pics into full screen graphics with a mouse click!

We’ll also have fun categories where we can pull user generated content for newscasts, too. Things like pets, cute kids, Lowcountry life (pretty scenery etc), fishing, sports, etc etc.

 We’ll also do contests for user generated content throughout the year like… pets in costume for Halloween, Christmas lights, mother’s day look a likes.  We’re launching My 5 with a patriotic contest of some kind to tie in to the 4th of July.

We want to populate My 5 with as much local content as we can, as fast as we can.

 Here’s a link to WSFA’s My 12  in Montgomery, AL:

Check it out…and keep watching Live 5 News for your pictures and videos!

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