Grass Roots News

Have you been following the big story out of Iran this week?

Yesterday, the government announced a big clamp down on journalists reporting on the political turmoil in that country. We’re hearing they aren’t being allowed to cover the election protests: A fundamental assignment for any reporter.

Before that, we were already seeing a flood of Tweets, posts, and Facebook messages coming out of the region, and bouncing back into Iran from the outside world.

This is grass roots news. Information generated at the source and sent out to as many people as can read/hear/see it. The technology is amazing. Throughout the ages this kind of news has come on scrolls, on the feet of carrier pigeons, on telegraphs, telphones, radios, and TVs. Now, wireless news has become the standard.

But like in the old days, we must be careful what we take for news. Wireless reporters arent held to the same standards of accountability as professionally trained journalists. I dont mean to minimize thier role or contribution to the global wireless discussion. But its an important point.

This makes it more important than ever that consumers of news look to a variety of sources to insure they are getting the full story. This is true of any news source, whether its Cable TV, a favorite internet site, or a local broadcaster.

Grass roots news is fascinating. Its where we’ve gotten our first alerts about plane crashes and political movements. Its changing the way all of us get and give news. With it comes the responsibility for all us to seek out perspective and diversity of coverage.

We do!

Keep watching Live 5 News!

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