Big Switch: Home Stretch

Posted June 8, 2009 by wcscnewsdirector
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We’re in the home stretch for The Big Switch from analog to digital TV. The rescheduled deadline from the Federal government is this Friday.

To comply with regulations from the FCC, and to make sure EVERYBODY knows we’re turning off our analog transmitter, we’re required to keep running commercials and news stories about the deadline. That way no one can say they didn’t know.

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know about the Big Switch this Friday. Please bear with us for a few more days while we remind people, just in case!

Speaking of Friday, Bill Walsh and Bill Burr will flip the switch live on our morning news at 6:00am straight up! from our transmitter tower in Awendaw.

Bill Burr is in Columbia today shooting interviews and video for a story that will run on Friday morning about the golden age of TV at WCSC, and why this too, is a big deal in the history of Lowcountry broadcasting. I hope you’ll tune in.

We’ll  have a team of operators standing by on Friday to take viewer questions and try to trouble shoot DTV problems should they arise.

We’ve done many tests to show viewers if they are ready for our Big Switch. Most people are. We’ve received a handful of phone calls with each test. Most problems can be traced to cable TV providers who have a few last minute changes to make to their reception lines.

Cross your fingers. Only six days to go (Saturday!) until you won’t hear us reminding you about the Big Switch!

Keep watching Live 5 News!


Hidden on the second floor…

Posted June 3, 2009 by wcscnewsdirector
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I’ve been at Live 5 for a year this month, but I’ve never ventured up to the second floor, the fluorescent lit cavern above our prop room and loading dock.

Last week I did.

Hidden on the second floor, I found a mini museum of WCSC history.

I found parts of news sets, tote boards from our annual Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethons, artificial Christmas decorations, boxes upon boxes of records we’re required to keep by the accountants and the FCC. It’s a well organized and maintained storage room. Neater than anybody’s attic.

On the back wall, lined on shelves marked with stickers marking the years I found the history of Live 5 on video, in pictures, on film. Fascinating stuff like broadcasts of the Cooper River Bridge Run, the opening of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, Hurricane Hugo coverage, Hugo anniversary specials, MDA telethons, Sofa Super Store coverage and anniversary specials, election night broadcasts, special reports, documentaries. It’s our own in-house Netflix.

I’ve spent my lunch breaks this week watching some the history I found on the shelves on the second floor. Hats of to WCSC’s Jim DeMauro for preserving and recording our history.

I’ve been thinking all week how to share my discovery with Live 5 fans, like on ESPN Classic or something like that. We may re-broadcast some of “the best of Live 5” on our digital channel debuting later this year. Or we may post excerpts on our web channel so TV buffs like myself can flashback in time.

Keep watching Live 5 News. The projects we’re working on today will end up on the shelves on the second floor one of these days!

Hurricane Season ’09

Posted June 2, 2009 by wcscnewsdirector
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June through late September/early October is a season all of us dread, but those of us in the news business anticipate with some level of excitement.

Weird, I know. But informing the public and keeping people safe is what we try to do best every day.

This week we are reminding everyone to review their emergency plans as we enter hurricane season. Hopefully, we won’t have to break out our supply kits and generators. But its important to have them ready to go, just in case.

Brushing up on evacuation routes is also important. When I did, I learned I need to take Hwy 17 from my home on Johns Island south to I-26 towards Walterboro. I’m glad I read up on evacuation routes, because I never would have thought of Walterboro as my destination.

What am I talking about? My evacuation destination is Charlie Hall Boulevard in West Ashley: the WCSC broadcast center!

Here’s hoping none of us have to leave our homes and businesses this year!

Keep watching Live 5 News all this week for great information, common sense reminders, and later this week a great look back at Hurricane season ’89–> the year of H–o!

Live 5 Class of ’09

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Congratulations to the Live 5 Class ’09 graduates this spring:

Natasha Lemon – (College of Charleston) Natasha is one of our newest production assistants in the studio who runs camera for our newscasts.

Chris Helms – (Trident  Tech) Chris is our newest production assistant in the studio. He’s still in training but doing a great job!

Matt Horton – (College of Charleston) You’ve seen Matt in many Live 5 newscasts since March when he joined us as a part time video journalist. After graduation, Matt will become a full time reporter/video journalist who covers news for us in Mt Pleasant and all East Cooper communities.

Congratulations to all our graduates this spring! Now get to work!

Bob Behanian

Posted April 14, 2009 by wcscnewsdirector
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Congratulations to Live5’s Bob Behanian for being WCSC’s Employee of the Quarter!

Bob is a fine young man who comes to work every day with a smile, and an attitude that says “put me in coach!”

Bob was selected for the honor for the way he’s handled the transition from sports reporter to news reporter and fill in anchor. Many days, Bob shoots his own video and conducts his own interviews, writes his own copy, and edits his story ahead of deadline. He brings creative and interesting stories to Live5 Newscasts every day.

His co-workers admire him for his strong work ethic and friendly demeanor.

Way to Go! Bob!

Keep watching Live5 News!

Tar Heels Win! So do late news viewers!

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The Tar Heels won the Big Dance!  Hooray!

That’s great for UNC fans, and for late night news viewers. March Madness draws a huge audience to Live5 every year. Don’t get me wrong, we love it! But it also derails and delays our program schedule.

Now that the Big Dance is over, our 11pm newscast returns to its regularly scheduled time consistently.

For the last month, we’ve had noon newscasts, 4pm newscasts, 7pm, 11pm, and weekend newscasts, all pre-empted by basketball games. For a couple of weeks, we broadcast our 7pm and 11pm news on time, on our web channel.

It was an experiment. It worked. Dozens of folks logged on to watch a live newscast in cyberspace. We would have liked more users to watch it. They will as our users get more used to live web programming and we do more of it.

Now that the games are over, appointment news viewing is back. Viewers like that, and so does our team. 12AM newscasts take their toll after a month!

Keep watching Live5 News!

Cooper River Bridge Run 2009

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My sore muscles and aching shins are finally recovered after my first Cooper River Bridge Run on Saturday.

What an awesome experience! It was a classic, beautiful Charleston today. And a classic Charleston event: 38,000 + people running, jogging, walking through Mt Pleasant across the landmark Ravenel Bridge, and through the streets of Downtown Charleston.

It took me, my friend, and Live5’s Hatzel Vela an hour and 50 minutes to walk the 10k.

Looking back on the experience, I realize even though we walked only 6 miles, we really criss crossed our entire market.

We met all types of people, young and old, rich, poor, and struggling. College students, professionals, hard working guys and gals, the unemployed and laid off, and retired folks. We passed locals, out of towners, and natives who came back to town just for the Bridge run.  We saw people in great shape, and those who aren’t. Even a few extra pounds didn’t keep them from giving the Bridge their best.

We started in Mt Plastic’s upscale shopping and restaurant district, made our way across the landmark bridge that’s’ the symbol of our city, down into the poorest neighborhoods of downtown Charleston, and ended up in the shadows of the city’s historic buildings in Marion Square, the small town square in the midst of our big bustling city.

When I signed up for my first bridge run, I didn’t know what I was getting into.

Now I know its one of the best things about the city of I love. I won’t miss it next year!

If you haven’t seen our great coverage of the 2009 Cooper River Bridge Run, click back to our homepage for an awesome collection of video and personal stories, the winners, the participants, and a great slide show.

Keep watching Live5 News.